Hybridoma Selection

Our Smart Selection Approach

Hybridomas are immortal somatic cell hybrids that secrete antibodies. Hybridoma generation is a critical step in making monoclonal antibodies. A major barrier to monoclonal antibody discovery is hybridoma selection. Hundreds to thousands of hybridoma cells have to be manually screened in the hope of identifying antibody-secreting clones.

BiCell Scientific Inc has developed a “smart” selection approach to identify antibody-secreting hybridoma cells and streamlined the process for monoclonal antibody production.

Flow chart of “smart” hybridoma selection

Step 1:

Mouse is immunized with antigen

Step 2:

Splenocytes from immunized mouse are isolated

Step 3:

Splenocytes are fused with myeloma cells (our electrofusion protocol can generate 1 hybridoma clone out of 104 splenocytes)

Step 4:

Hybridoma cells are treated by a proprietary crosslinking protocol to immobilize antibodies on the cell surface

Step 5:

Fluorophore labeled antigen molecules allow identifying positive hybridoma cells by direct binding to the hybridoma cell surface

Step 6:

Fluorescence based cell sorting

Step 7:

Dilution cloning and clonal selection


Electrofusion efficiently fuses myeloma cells with splenocytes. Circle indicates fusion event. Myeloma cells: large nuclei; splenocytes: small nuclei.


Antigen labeling of hybridoma cells. Hybridoma cells are transiently crosslinked to immobilize antibodies on the cell surface. FITC-labeled antigen binds to and decorates the hybridoma cell that secretes the correct antibody.


Hybridoma cell plating and screening. Antibody secreting hybridoma cells are cultured and their supernatants screened in 96-well plates. Over 50% of hybridoma cell clones show positive binding to antigen. Procedure: plate was coated with peptide antigen at 1ug/ml in PBS, followed by incubation with 50ul supernatant for 1hr and secondary antibody (HRP) for 1hr. HRP substrate (blue color) develops within 5 min. No acid was added. Image was taken with iPhone.

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