Fixation Techniques and Artifacts

Practical consideration of fixation technique

Concentration of fixative Expand Experiments have been performed to reveal the effects of different concentrations of aldehyde fixatives on tissue morphology. Over a 10-fold range, varying the concentrations of formaldehyde from 2% to 20% in a fixative solution had little effect on the cytoplasmic volume in one-centimeter blocks of rat kidney biopsies. Only at very […]

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Theoretic consideration of fixation mechanism

Protein crosslinking by paraformaldehyde Expand Aldehyde crosslinks are formed between protein molecules, in particular with the basic amino acid – lysine. Only those lysine residues on the exterior of the protein molecule react with aldehydes. Because protein is a universal constituent of the cell, present not only in the cytosol but also in the cytoskeleton […]

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